About Us

OptiMAX was founded in the City of Wollongong NSW in 1994 by Russell Hales to provide a customer focused alternative to the large companies that dominated the communications space in the early nineties. Russell knew there were better ways to deal with clients and that they deserved better.

Over the years much has changed in the industry from a technology point of view, however we hold on tightly to the reason we started - service.

"It's obvious - we love the communications industry and our enthusiasm is quite evident in the work we do. We are excited by the prospect of new challenges and enjoy the projects that others pass off as too hard or too complicated. 

Working 'with' our client, not 'for' our client, is the key to a successful relationship and mutual respect is the result. Usually followed by a long term commitment." 

Instead of proclaiming how great we are here at OptiMAX we prefer to tell how we achieve great results! 

After all, results are what people are after.

You've been looking for a company like OptiMAX for ages, now you have a dependable ethical group of professionals on your side.